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Dr. Krutika Desai, B.S., D.C., B.C.A.O.

Dr. Krutika Desai

Dr. Krutika Desai

Dr. Krutika Desai immigrated to the United States from Zambia, a landlocked country in Africa after completing high school there.

“The search for a “better” tertiary education prompted me to leave behind my family and country and make a leap into the unknown. College always has its set of challenges but for me it was two fold since I had a new country and culture to get acquainted with and my family was thousands and thousands miles away (24hr plane ride). It was a lot to get used to and a tough challenge but the reward was well worth the challenge and Lexington, Kentucky became my new home.”

Dr. Krutika Desai has a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Kentucky.

“After graduating I discovered chiropractic when I realized I did not want to pursue a career in Science. The health field always interested me and I liked what I read about chiropractic; hence, I decided to enroll in chiropractic college.

Since graduating with honors (magna cum laude) from Life University in June of 2005 and having time to reflect I have realized that, “I came into this profession by accident but it is no accident that I am here.”

Dr. Desai has seen vast improvements in peoples’ health and her own in a safe and natural way. I enjoy practicing Chiropractic and having the privilege of helping people to get to their state of optimal well being in a natural, harmless way.

I am currently enhancing my Chiropractic skills by doing post graduate work and am board eligible for the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.