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Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Durden Chiropractic Clinic Offers Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Problems of the upper spine can lead to a number of painful problems, such as neck pain, inner ear disturbances, headaches and other issues. At the Durden Chiropractic Clinic, our upper cervical chiropractors have over 3 decades of experience using the Atlas Orthogonal Technique to resolve a number of troublesome conditions.

Man with a case of whiplash

Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Problems of the upper cervical vertebrae are being successfully resolved with the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique. The method uses specifically directed percussive force (like a sound wave) to re-align the cervical vertebrae, using the first, or “atlas,” vertebra as the focal point. Patients can enjoy the benefits of spinal re-alignment without the vigorous movements, “cracks” and “snaps” that many people find so disturbing during treatment. The Atlas Orthogonal Technique relies on detailed x-rays to provide exact criteria for e force alignment procedures. Our doctors are Board Certified to use this technology.

Neck Pain

Holding the neck in the same position to look at a computer monitor for hours at a time can lead to muscle strain, misalignment of the upper spine and nerve impingement. Leaning forward to look at smartphone screens repeatedly can also lead to a condition called “text neck,” with chronic pain and loss of range of motion. These problems can be helped by re-alignment of the cervical vertebrae, using the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.


Individuals who have been in auto accidents often sustain “whiplash” injury, which involves the rapid forward and backward motion that occurs during impact. The motion can cause small tears in the muscles that support the neck and disruption of the natural alignment of the upper cervical vertebrae. Individuals can experience neck pain, dizziness, loss of range of motion and nausea from this type of injury.  These symptoms may occur many years after the trauma. The Atlas Orthogonal Technique can gently return the natural alignment to the neck and upper spine.


Individuals who experience frequent headaches or migraines can benefit from Atlas Orthogonal Technique that corrects dysfunction in the upper spine that result in pressure on muscles, blood vessels and nerves. With correct positioning of the cervical vertebrae, these individuals can achieve better posture and function, with less discomfort.

Vertigo and Inner Ear Conditions

Misalignment of the upper cervical spine can also result in inner ear problems or vertigo, as the individual tries to re-position the head for greater comfort. Our chiropractors can resolve the cause of these issues, using the gentle Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

Make Durden Chiropractic Clinic Your Chiropractors in Fayette County.

Dr. Marilyn Durden and Dr. Krutika Desai use their extensive training in specialized techniques to help patients in Tyrone and McDonough enjoy relief from discomfort. Call Durden Chiropractic Clinic today at 770-631-7600 for an appointment to learn now about the gentle chiropractic techniques that can offer pain relief and improved function.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I am treated very well by the staff and my doctor is wonderful…she does an excellent job and she has a wonderful personality and treats me with respect. I feel so good that I am being treated in a natural way rather than shots to feel good and surgery. I am a little tired after my sessions, but I quickly spring back into more energy than I’ve had in a long time…….and I’m just beginning!"
    Lynn S.
  • "I have never had such positive results from any treatment as I have since I decided to commit to this type of chiropractic. I am sold. And when I find something that is as amazing as this, I share with everyone I see. I am spreading the word at EMC where I work and with family. You should be getting some calls from some of them. Wish I had found out about your practice a long time ago"
    Gail G.

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